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1 - How do I access the Service from a regular phone?
2 - Can I use the service from any phone?
3 - Can I use the service from my mobile?
4 - What is this Auto Top-Up, and how does it work?
5 - Can I access the Internet using Gotalk?
6 - Is there any other way I can access my call details?
7 - Can I get a balance on my account at any time?
8 - Can more than one person have a Gotalk account in the same house?
9 - How will I know if my account is low on credit?
10 - How do I top-up my account?
11 - Can anyone else use my account?
12 - Can anyone else access my account details?
13 - Can anyone else make payments on my account?
14 - Do I sign a contract with you?
15 - Can I have my account registered from more than one home or address?
16 - Can I pay by Direct Debit?
17 - What do I do if I am having problems with a call I make?
18 - What is the Minimum amount I can open an account with?
19 - I have requested a block on my phone, so that Incoming Calls only are allowed. Will I be able to use the Gotalk Service?
20 - How do I program my mobile to use Gotalk
21 - Can I use the service from a Payphone?
22 - Can I use the service from abroad?
23 - Do I have to have a BT Line?
24 - Do I have to have my own phone line?
25 - Will I get an Itemised Bill or a Monthly Bill?
26 - Is there a minimum fee or connection charge?
27 - Will I be billed for dialing the access number?
28 - Will I be billed for dialing the Customer service Number?
29 - What is the Minimum Top-Up?
30 - Do I pay any line rental?
31 - Are your costs inclusive of VAT?
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