Shopwatch smart radio

Get Connected.
Reduce Risk.
Boost Efficiency.

Empowering teams to collaborate, communicate and connect!

Smart Features

Move beyond just a radio with voice enabled body camera and smart phone options.

Encrypted & Secure

GDPR compliant platform hosted UK data centres, compliant with Cyber Essentials, ISO27001 & PASF.

Limitless Coverage

Powered by 4G - Connect your team with instant voice & video communication, without limits.

More than just a radio.

The PNC370 is our base model, but that doesnt mean low features. It boasts all the key features as standard for any of our systems, including HD audio with dual micropones for background audio suppression, SOS panic alarm and colour screen as standard.

The PNC370 is ideal for businesses that want a cost effetctive, easy-to-use, solution

Hytera VM780

Ideal for Local Authority, FM & Security, The VM780 is our hybrid body camera and smart radio solution. Fully compliant of British Standards, record video, audio and capture photos for evidence.

In an emergency press a single button to trigger local recording and stream your video footage live to you manager or control room.

Hytera VM580D.

Compact and award winning design. The VM580 is our smallest and lightest hybrid Body Camera and PoC radio.

Perfect where a more discrete solution is required, without compromising on safety and functionality.

Hytera PNC550

The PNC550 boasts a fully operational android smart phone and integrated smart radio. Make or receive phone calls and messages or even install your business apps to get more from your device.

It’s best suited to businesses who want a single unified device to access our radio system and our alert! application

Take Control.

Enhance your system with our powerful dispatch software packed full of advanced features to improve your operator productivity.

  • Engage multiple groups.
  • Location tracking.
  • Private calling.
  • Full-duplex calling.
  • Video streaming.
  • Stun and Revive.
  • Full analytics.
  • Voice & Video Playback.

Alarm Handling


When a user is in distress, an SOS call from any of our radios streams audio to dispatch without interaction from the user.


All the radios send their location live to the dispatcher. The VM780 goes one step further by streaming its camera footage live too.


When the operator is ready to speak they can communicate in full-duplex with the user.

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